11 consonants:

p (p or b)

t (t or d)

k (k or g)

j (j)

l (l)

m (m)

n (n)

q (q-like your about to spit)

s (s)

w (wuh)

y (yah)

schwa (looks like an i with a strick across the i and sounds like you are pulling something)

5 short vowel:

a (ah)

e (eh)

i (long sounding ee)

o (oo with a line going across the oo)

u (u)

5 long vowes:

a' (ahh)

e' (a with long a)

i' (long sound ee)

o' (long sounding oo)

u' (long sounding uu)

All the words that have ( ) is to show you how each letter is pronounced.