November Curriculuum Update

Grade P, 1, 2- Students in these grades will be working on different types of physical activities. They will change speed and direction, work on increased balance activities, using partners and small groups to do teamwork activities, problem solve when moving through and around obstacles, choose different strategies to increase chances of success in physical activities (be in ready position, move closer to a target, use arms to balance, keep eyes up, and watch where you are going)

Grades 3, 4, 5, 6 - Students will be working towards demonstrating competency in fundamental movement skills and movement concepts within various games. Students will begin to use proper terminology, play by the basic rules and guidelines associated with selected games, both individually and team. Students will apply sending, receiving, and protecting skills while stationary and moving with an object or ball. Students will demonstrate these skills in such sports as Handball and Ultimate frisbee as well as basic catch and throw activities.