Physical Education Updates

Grade P, 1, 2  Students have been practicing previously learned movement, striking, passing, accuracy, and teamwork skills ; all of which have shown great improvement since September. Students have been introduced to games where teamwork and communication is needed and have developed skills needed to deal with winning and losing and trying your best at every activity. We are focusing on persistance both when learning a new skill and how its important even when the skill is mastered. Students will spend the next few weeks learning basic rope jumping skills, both individual and in groups, rhythmical activities and movement concepts within Dance, and performing movements that combine multiple skill combinations both with and without movements.

Grade 3,4,5,6  Students have continued to work on persistant behaviour and effort towards mastery of differnt types of physical activities. The use of striking with both hand and foot has been practiced through such games as soccer baseball, baseball, and Badminton. In Badminton, students learned the basic aspects of the game; including scoring, where and how to serve, two different types of serve, footwork, overhand and underhand shots, finding open spaces, ready position, and grip. Upcoming, students will be introduced to skills relating to Golf and Volleyball.