Congratulations, Elton, Drayson and Jack!

Wow! What a busy week we had last week, with All-Star Students in PE! We had THREE students get 20 punches in their "making good choices" punch cards, to wrap-up Week 10 of the school year! :)

Elton is has been making great choices in Phys Ed class, as well as outside of the classroom! He has been making healthier snack choices, has been confident in performing skills and other activities in class, and he can be an effective, positive role-model for his peers! :)

Drayson always tries his best in Phys Ed! Drayson is consistent in helping to tidy up the gym and put things away after class, and he never gives up when he's trying something new, no matter how frustrating it may be! :)

Jack always brings a super positive attitude into his Phys Ed classes and he's always ready for whatever activity we have planned. Jack is kind and caring to his classmates, and he's always picking up balls and equipment, even if no one else is! :)

Congratulations to these three awesome students; keep up the great work, guys! :)