Meet Jumbo - Our PLFNS PE Mascot!

Congratulations to Alden, from Grade 5/6, for winning our mascot competition that ended on November 13th. For just over a week, students at PLFNS were encouraged to draw and/or create some form of mascot, that they think would be cool to represent and motivate our Physical Education program. Then, for a couple of days following that, students from all the classes voted for which mascot they wanted to win. Honourable mention goes to Jayna, from Grade 1/2, for her submission that was a very close runner-up! :)

So, without further ado, here's the story of Jumbo, our PLFNS PE Mascot:

"One day, Jumbo came from the jungle. He saw people in Phys. Ed. class were slow and not shooting hoops very well, so he came to offer his help and inspire everyone to get faster and stronger at soccer, baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse...and other sports and physical activities, too! Over time, Jumbo started to see everyone turn into better athletes! Some even started to turn into awesome gorillas, like him! Now that Jumbo is a part of our Pictou Landing School Community, he hopes to inspire everyone else in Pictou Landing to be just like him - faster and stronger! So look out for Jumbo - he's coming to a Phys. Ed. class near YOU!"