Mr. Colin Munro - Physical Education

Students had a successful day at the Track and Field Meet. We had 10 participants participating in two divisions, Atom and Pee-Wee. Everyone participated to their best abilities and we took home many medals!!

Kyleigh Francis - Silver in pee wee girls long jump, silver in 4x100 m relay

Paige Francis - Silver in 4x100 m relay

Ariel Francis - Silver in 4x100 m relay

Marlee Paul - Silver in 4x100 m relay, silver in Atom girls long jump, Silver in Atom girls 100 m 

Alden Francis - Bronze in Atom Softball throw

Jake Maloney - Bronze in pee wee softball throw, silver in Pee Wee 100 m 

Jamie Fraser - Gold in atom Girls 4x100 m relay


Pictou Landing Track Team will participate in the MK Track and Field meet held on June 4th, 2018 at the Pioneer Track Facility in Stellarton.

Grade P, 1, 2 have been practicing introductory Baseball basics such as base running, proper hand grip, stance at home plate, watching the ball, and following through. Students started with the Tee from T- Ball and played a modified game using only 2 bases before we moved to full base running. Students have shown lots of improvement so far.

Grade 3, 4, 5, 6  have also been practicing Baseball. Students have practiced some modified striking games before going out and playing a full game. Students have learned about proper positioning, proper hand grip on the bat, where to stand at home plate, when to run if the ball is hit, and fair and foul balls. Students have shown great improvement thus far.



Grade P, 1, 2  Students have been practicing previously learned movement, striking, passing, accuracy, and teamwork skills ; all of which have shown great improvement since September. Students have been introduced to games where teamwork and communication is needed and have developed skills needed to deal with winning and losing and trying your best at every activity. We are focusing on persistance both when learning a new skill and how its important even when the skill is mastered. Students will spend the next few weeks learning basic rope jumping skills, both individual and in groups, rhythmical activities and movement concepts within Dance, and performing movements that combine multiple skill combinations both with and without movements.

Grade 3,4,5,6  Students have continued to work on persistant behaviour and effort towards mastery of differnt types of physical activities. The use of striking with both hand and foot has been practiced through such games as soccer baseball, baseball, and Badminton. In Badminton, students learned the basic aspects of the game; including scoring, where and how to serve, two different types of serve, footwork, overhand and underhand shots, finding open spaces, ready position, and grip. Upcoming, students will be introduced to skills relating to Golf and Volleyball. 


P, 1, 2 - have been working on fundamental movement skills and concepts within Educational gymnastics. Students can move throughout space while dodging others, can jump and land on both feet or one foot. They have shown the ability to maintain balance using different body parts alone and with a partner. They have practiced weight transfer from one foot to the other and have used a partner for counter balance. Students have successfully demonstrated balancing obects like beanbags on different body parts while being stationary and while traveling. Students have performed a variety of rolls such as log rolls, egg rolls, partner rolls, forward rolls an dbackward rolls.

3, 4, 5, 6 - Students in these grades have been working on fundamental movement skills and movement concepts within Educational Gymnastics. Students have created and performed a variety of balances and supports alone and with partners doing such things as pyramids and counter balances. They have practiced different tyupes of rolls such as log rolls, forward rolls, and backward rolls. Students will demonstrate fundamental movement skills using two or more movement patterns in a sequence with small apparatus, balance beams, and mats alone or with a group. Students will continue to work on balance activities while transferring weight from hands to feet and perform such skills as cartwheels and roundoffs.


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