Ms Kim Dorrington - Grade 3 / 4

We had an amazing time and the play was fantastic.  

The trip over was smooth sailing with lots of food, friends, and laughter.

A very early start to an amazing day.  We were all so excited to get going even if we were all a bit sleepy. 



The Grade 3 and 4 students had an amazing time learning to build and program a Lego version of the Canada Arm. 

A warm welcome to all the new and returning students!  See you all in class!



Just a reminder that this weeks homework is due Friday March 11th.  Dont forget and if your sick someone can drop it off to Karen at the front desk!  START TERM 3 OFF THE RIGHT WAY!   :)





Heart Healthy

The Grade 3 and 4 class took part in a heart healthy series of activities.  We played games to design healthy plates and meals.  Ran and finally got out the skipping ropes to jump around and get our hearts pumping.  Thansk to Kyla who came in and went over healthy food and meals with our class.  




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